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General Provisions of Application for Amaar School-Scholarship or Financial Aid

If any learner can’t afford to pay for a Course, they can apply for Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid through the link titled Apply for Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid. Learners with Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid in a course will be able to access all of the course content and complete all work required to earn a Course Certificate, but our scholarship does not necessarily cover the charge or price for the Certificate; more clearly, Certificate cost is excluded from the scholarships; Only a Full Free Scholarship or Full Financial Aid ensure a free pdf certificate.

Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid is only applied to the course that the application was approved for. All our scholarships cover the 9% to 99% price of the course you apply for, which means if you get an Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid, you will get a flat discount of 9%-99% from the price of that specific course you applied for.


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    General Scholarship FAQs

    Amaar School's Device Scholarship program offers 50-99% direct or indirect financial compensation to buy or to have a specific device (mobile, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer) that can be used to enrol on our verified courses & certification to all the learners who cannot afford to pay the total price. On the other hand, Amaar School Scholarship or Financial Aid is available in most courses that offer free Access to Amaar School's courses; however, a few courses and programs are not eligible. Amaar School Scholarships cover, in most cases, 99% of the cost of an Amaar School course, depending on what you applied for. Some restrictions may apply.
    Everyone who is willing to learn and do not have enough income source or enough personal or family income to purchase a course from Amaar School.
    You will be notified through Official Email. Our team will reach you via mail or email, direct phone or mobile call.
    Once your application has been submitted, we will notify you within 1-15 working days to let you know the update or inform us if you have received the scholarship or have been denied. An Amaar School team member will reach out to you individually via electronic mail or mobile call. Due to heavy amount of application notification email regarding your scholarship application may take little time.
    Yes. Amaar School has a plan of launching a campaign of BDT1 million to support Enthusiastic Bangladeshi Learners. In addition, national & International Corporations, Charity & Non-Charity foundations, and individual philanthropists will have the opportunity to be a crucial part of Amaar School's Learning Campaign by establishing named scholarships at Amaar School targeted at broad groups, geographic regions, and specific area content.
    To Enroll Course, Diploma or other programmes from Amaar School
    You will be given Access to the course you applied for, Access could be provided manually, or you might receive a unique scholarship coupon code that can be used within 15 days of receiving the approval for the scholarship. Amaar School scholarship coupon code is unique and should not be shared with anyone other than yourself. Codes are one-time use only and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    The code is to be used within 15 days of receiving approval for the scholarship. If you can not use the coupon code, you can take assist from our happiness team, and you can contact them via live chat or email.
    If you do not qualify for the scholarship, you have to purchase our course or apply again.
    You will find an application link below each named scholarship on Amaar School's Scholarship & Opportunities page. Please follow that link to complete an electronic application.
    Yes, you can, but you will get the financial assistance or not; it Depends on! Depending on some factors, Amaar School Authority will decide you are eligible for financial aid or not.